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February 2020
Rotary International Convention
Interested in more information about the 2020 Rotary International Convention in Honolulu, HI?
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For those clubs/individuals that were unable to attend the District 5520 Annual Foundation eTraining held Saturday, December 10, you may view it in its full content on YouTube at https://youtu.be/ANzUpS3tPQE.

District Vision  

Provide support and resources for every member to understand, achieve, sustain, and share “Service Above Self."

Goal for 4 Way Essay Contest

Our short-term goal to have every Club sponsor a Four-Way Test Essay Contest in the eighth grade of every Public and Private School in their geographical area depends ons club participation. If every eighth grader in our District prepared a Four-Way Test essay, soon every High School student in our District would know about Rotary. Think of the positive impact on Interact Clubs, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Youth Exchange, Rotaract and on the public image, and the future of Rotary. 
The long-term goal is to develop a deeper relationship with your community’s middle school by introducing the concept of the Four-Way Test in seventh grade. By establishing the Four-Way Test in the classroom as a useful tool for teaching ethics one school year before the Four-Way Test Essay Contest ensures that the student not only can write a thoughtful essay but also experiences the value of integrating ethics into their everyday life. 
Dr. Gary King is the District Governor for Rotary District 5520.                                                                  
Governor Gary King is currently Chair of the Board of Directors of the New Mexico Children’s Foundation.  He also serves on the Corporate Board of TF Holdings, Inc. He served as the New Mexico Attorney General from 2006 through 2014.  He is a chemist and an attorney and served as a New Mexico State Legislator. Since 1987, he has been married to Dr. Yolanda Jones King, a scientist and community leader.  Gary grew up with his ranching family in Stanley, New Mexico.
           In 1984, Gary formed the law firm of King and Stanley in Moriarty, NM, where he carried out the general practice of law.  The next year, he joined the Moriarty Rotary Club.  In 1994 he became Corporate General Counsel and Senior Environmental Scientist with Advanced Sciences, Inc., an environmental consulting firm. 
            He has served as President of his Rotary Club and Chair of the Manzano District of the Boy Scouts of America.  Gary has served as the Chair of the Legal Services Committee of the New Mexico State Bar Association; as a Domestic Violence Special Commissioner and served as guardian ad litem for abused and neglected children in the Seventh Judicial District.  He was also the Chairman of the New Mexico Mining Commission and served on the Environmental Advisory Board to the Federal Aviation Administration. 
It’s time to start thinking about your club’s District Grant for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.  This coming year District 5520 will have around $93,000 to distribute for district grants; while this is nearly $25,000 less than we had during this year, it is significantly more than our average District Grant program.
How much could your club expect for a grant for the 2020-21 Rotary Year?  Your club’s grant is based on your giving during the 2017-18 Rotary Year AND whether your club achieves $100/capita THIS YEAR.
  • Your minimum grant (baseline) will be 15% of your 2017-18 Annual Program Fund (APF) giving;
  • BUT, if your club achieves $100/capita (i.e., your 1 July 2019 membership * $100.00) THIS YEAR then you’ll get an equal share of the estimated $51,500 “pot” with all other clubs that also achieved $100/capita… a share is typically at least $2,000.00; AND,
  • The more appealing your project is often results in a greater award; so ask for what you want and the Foundation Committee will distribute what they have.
D5520 usually has about 25 clubs achieve $100/capita… the key to the “kicker pot”
So, what must you do to get a district grant? Your club must:
  • Be in good standing with Rotary International and the District
  • Be current on Rotary International and District 5520 dues
  • Be current on all Global and District Grant reporting
  • Be current on your IRS-990 reporting
  • Have AT LEAST TWO members attend Grant Management Training (most of which will be online (i.e., Zoom))
  • And, of course, complete the agreements and the project application
I have some questions:
  • What if my club wasn’t chartered in 2017-18?  Your baseline will be established at $249.00.
  • Where do I find how much we gave in 2017-18? Look at your club’s Foundation page in Rotary Club Central, access “District Grant Baselines” under “The Rotary Foundation” on the District website or ask District Rotary Foundation Chair (DRFC) Tom Walker or District Grant Subcommittee Chair (DGSC) Peter Falley.
  • When will Grant Management Training be held?  We anticipate there will be approximately 6 online (Zoom) session during the first three weeks of April culminating with a “live” GMT session at the District Assembly in Albuquerque on April 25, 2020.  Dates/times TBD.
  • When will I find out how much money was approved for my grant? The Foundation Committee usually completes its deliberations in early July.
  • Does my club have to match the district grant? NO, but many clubs choose to add funds to maximize the impact of their district grant project.
  • When can my club start work on its project? Your project must be approved by The Rotary Foundation; starting work before you actually have money in hand is a risk that you may choose to take.
For more information, contact me, DRFC Tom Walker (505-237-0237 or ftwalker1@comcast.net) or DGSC Peter Falley (575-388-2004 or falley8@gmail.com).
District Executive Secretary _- Donette Wagner Contact Information: secretary5520@gmail.com 505-269-6585 
District Bookkeeper - Debbie LeMon Contact Information deblemon4@hotmail.com 

  Log In Instructions ~ District 5520 Rotarians

As a District 5520 Rotarian, creating a log-in is fairly simple! Follow these steps:
1. Click on the log in button on the right side of the dark blue menu bar on the home page.
2. You will be prompted with a log in window.
3. Enter your email address of record (your email should have been entered and kept current by your club secretary).
4. For your first time logging in, click on “I forgot my password”.
5. You will receive your user Id and password by email to your address of record.
6. Once you have gained access to the website, click on “My Profile”, on the top menu bar and then click on “Change my password”. Now go back to “My Profile” and edit and save your contact data.
7. If you have any problems, please contact Donette Wagner at secretary5520@gmail.com.