Rotary District 5520 is one of the many districts comprising Rotary International, a global humanitarian organization that promotes peace, goodwill, and community service. 


Our District is one of thirty Districts that encompass Rotary Zones 26 and 27 also known as “The Big West”. 


District 5520 covers a diverse geographical area, including New Mexico and West Texas in the United States. The District comprises 67 clubs and is the second-largest geographical District in the world.


The District is known for its active participation in various local and international service projects, striving to make a positive impact in the communities it serves. Rotary clubs within District 5520 work collaboratively to address multiple social issues, including education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and poverty alleviation.


Our Clubs bring together individuals from various professions and backgrounds who share a common desire to serve their communities. By leveraging their collective skills, resources, and networks, members of Rotary District 5520 aim to create lasting change and foster a sense of fellowship and understanding.


Rotary District 5520 places great importance on Rotary's guiding principles, which include the Four-Way Test: a set of ethical standards that Rotarians strive to apply in their personal and professional lives. This test encourages individuals to ask themselves whether their thoughts, words, and actions are truthful, fair, and beneficial and build goodwill and better friendships.


The District organizes numerous events and initiatives annually to engage members, promote fellowship, and raise funds for service projects. 


These events include district-wide conferences, seminars, leadership training sessions, Bi-District Conference, and community service opportunities. Rotarians from District 5520 also actively participate in global programs, such as Rotary Youth Exchange and the Rotary Foundation, which provide opportunities for international cultural exchange and fund projects to address global challenges.


Overall, Rotary District 5520 is a vibrant and active part of Rotary International. Its dedicated members strive to make a difference by embodying the organization's motto of "Service Above Self" and working together to create positive change in their communities and the world.