Youth Protection Policies

The safety and well-being of young people must always be first priority!


At a recent meeting of the Youth Protection Committee is was agreed that all volunteers participating  
in District 5520 youth programs be required to have a criminal background check annually!



District 5520 and Rotary International are committed to protecting the safety and well-being of all youth program participants and will not tolerate their abuse or harassment. All allegations of abuse or harassment will be taken seriously and must be handled within the guidelines established by District 5520. The safety and well-being of young people must always be our first priority.

District 5520 requires anyone over 18 years of age participating in a District sponsored youth program have a criminal background check.  This process is run by the District’s Youth Protection Officer.  District 5520 does not accept background checks that were originally conducted for other purposes such as concealed carry permits or alcohol server’s licenses.

The District's Youth Protection Policies are available here for downloading.
Questions should be directed to District 5520's Youth Protection Officer
PDG Dick Jones