To make peace in the world, we need more peacebuilders.
The Rotary Peace Centers program,  a dynamic and ambitious project of  The Rotary Foundation, identifies highly qualified professionals and trains them to become agents of peace. Rotarians are vital to recruiting candidates. You can help advance peace around the world by supporting the peace fellows. 
Rotary’s commitment to peace and the generosity of Rotarians around the world are what make the Rotary Peace Centers program a success. Since 2002, the Rotary Peace Centers have trained over 1,100 Rotary Peace Fellows who are now working as leaders in government, nongovernmental organizations, the military, law enforcement, education, humanitarian assistance, restorative justice, and international governance organizations. In addition to contributing to peace as individuals, these dedicated fellows are part of an expanding global network of Rotary alumni whose influence grows with each graduating class.
For more in-depth information, click on the link to the left: Rotary Peace Centers: Program Guide for Rotarians.